On innovative approaches to the notion «integrated communications»

Philosophical and cultural studies

The article deals  with  different  interpretations  in  investigating  the  sense  of  the  notion  “integrated communications”.  There  are  a  number  of  semantic  and  practical  areas,  where  one  can  discover  the actual  uncertainty  of  this  notion. Consequently,  the  deviations  at  the  concepts  of  integrated  marketing communications, public relations and technological determination of communications practices are marked and  described.  The  thesis  of  inequality  of  the  “integrated  communications”  and  “integrated  marketing communications” is put forward. Eventually, the authors explore several “points of growth” and innovative sense making to project the possible directions for integrated communications further development. These items relate to case study, technological, social oriented marketing and corporate management approaches to expand the content of integrated communications. In conclusion, the renewed definition of the integrated communications notion is formulated.