Intersubjective institutionalization of Lebenswelt

Philosophical and cultural studies

Develops socio-phenomenological approach to the study of intersubjective practices. The semantic layers of the communicative reality of the society being hidden in the everyday language of habitual use are studying. Having considered the drafts of philosophy of language and the linguistic turn in the investigation of contemporary philosophy. Having identified the conceptual tools of ontological, existential and semiotic scripts of the life-world institution. Specificity ontological conceptual layer of language is associated with the expression of the Logos as the unity of thought and being; nominative layer of specificity of language – with demonstrative affective-emotive procedures, motivating the actual impulsive reaction. Specificity of the symbolic conceptual layer is associated with the synthesis of the pre-reality and the evidence in the individual consciousness. Stealing is emphasized in the side of the symbolic discursive practice pertaining to sacred slices of everyday experience. Highlighted the problem of the semiotic phenomenality that fixes one-sidedness of the nominative and lack of the noemative layers of discourse in constructing of the Lebenswelt. It is shown that the symbolic layer of reality requires a special analysis scenario.