The synergy of traditional values and postnonclass ical rationality: the search for new ideological orientations (ethnophilosophy aspect)

Philosophical and cultural studies

The article is devoted to topical issues of search for new ideological reference points of modern civilization in the conditions of intensifitsiruetsa processes of globalization. Based on synergistic and ethnophilosophy methods, this paper analyzes the constants of post-non-classical rationality, the problems of national identity and national socio-cultural dominants in a modern worldview. focus on the axiological paradigm in the examination of ethnic integration of a globalizing humanity. Carried out extrapolation of the traditional values of the Chuvash people using folklore material leads the author to the conclusion that it is a synergistic symphony of postnonclassical rationality with traditional values can become the prospect for dialogue of cultures in conditions of expansion of space civilization and to tackle the constant of self-preservation of national cultures and the integration of the world community.