The problems of ensuring information security of the BRICS countries in the context of contemporary international threats

International relationships

The article considers the problems of ensuring international information security and BRICS countries at the present stage. Identified the relevance of the research topic associated with the formation of a new world order, objective process of changing the place of the BRICS in the system of world politics and the instability of foreign policy situation, given that international-political security almost always have a special place in Russia's foreign policy. The paper clarifies the concept of "national security", describing the areas of cooperation of the BRICS countries in the sphere of information security. We look separately at the trends of security in the information society of the BRICS countries. It is noted that to date, the cooperation in the field of ensuring international information security in the sphere of regulation of the Internet is the most promising direction. The article also identified key directions for improving policy in the field of information security on the basis of strategic documents, as well as the strategic reference points of development of the information society. In conclusion the author concludes that in the emerging global information space, the problems of international information security consists in increasing the development and introduction of modern information, telecommunication and cyber technology.