Latvian Partisans in the Anti-fascist Resistance Movement in North-West Russia

Aspects of Russian society history

The period under review is of special interest to historians. Russia’s peoples were not only under the threat of deprivation of statehood, but also under the threat of complete physical destruction. The guerrilla movement was an important factor in achieving victory over Nazi Germany and its allies. Being significant and efficient, it unfolded throughout the occupied territory. Partisans and underground fighters were, essentially, the second front of the red army, which fought in the extreme conditions of occupation. different peoples of the Soviet Union, including Latvians, took part in the guerrilla movement in the northwest of Russia. The purpose of the article is to show the role and importance of joint struggle against the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War. Based on the analysis of archival documents, memoirs and research literature authors come to the conclusion that the fact that in the initial period of the war anti-fascists from Latvia took an active part in the guerrilla struggle in the Leningrad region. They got a serious experience in war actions in the enemy’s rear.