Modeling in the bachelors’ design and technological preparation system

Professional education

The relevance of the research due to the fact that the bachelors’ design and technological preparation is becoming a significant means of implementation of the goals of multilevel education system focused not only on the acquisition of professional knowledge and practical experience, but also on the development of the creative potential of the person. The main approaches to the research of the problem of the theory of activity are in the process of cognition, theory of modeling and psycho-pedagogical principles of project-based learning. The article reveals the special importance of designing objective environment objects in technological education. design and technological preparation is seen as a joint activity of students and teachers, focused on application of knowledge and skills and acquire new ones. The basis of design and technological preparation is modeling of objects and objects of the world. By modeling refers to activities related to the manufacture of various products and the expansion of employee perceptions of students about the basics of modern production, the development of technical creativity, deepening technological knowledge, consolidate skills on materials processing. formation of creative potential of students in the training simulation is carried out on the basis of stages-level: 1) formulation of the problem by analyzing the source of the facts; 2) formulation of hypotheses; 3) the logical development of ideas and details of the project; 4) project in the embodiment of figure drawing model; 5) material embodiment (manufacturing). article submissions may be used in the practice of design and technological preparation of bachelors in the system of multi-level higher education, as well as the development of supplementary education programs.