Metropolitan Grigory (Chukov) and recreation of spiritual schools in Leningrad in 1944 - 1946

Aspects of Russian society history

In the article the process of recreation is traced Leningrad to the spiritual academy and seminary in 1944 - 1946, in that an enormous merit belongs to the metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod Grigory (Chukov). In a great deal due to his efforts it was succeeded not only to revive spiritual school in city on Neva but also do her one of anchorwomen in the Orthodox world. The special attention is spared to illumination of basic tasks that had to be decided to the metropolitan to Grigory and guidance of academy - skilled question constrained, foremost, with the set of teaching staff, adjusting of educational process, including fundamentally new educational program development, implementation of necessary repair-restoration works in the tumbledown half of building of theological seminary, and also development of theological science