Modern Chinese historiography of World War II

International relationships

The relevance of the article due to the low accessibility for the readers of the work of the Chinese researchers of the Second World War, while, as shown in the article, Chinese authors has a special look researchers on many aspects of the topic, in particular on the dating of the beginning of the Second World War. It is demonstrated that the characteristic feature of modern Chinese historiography is the perception of the victory of China over Japan as the most important events of the Second World War. In article the analysis of Chinese historiography on the cooperation of the armed forces of the USSR and China during the Second World War. While studying the works, devoted to the participation of the air forces of the USSR in the Chinese theater of war, for an objective assessment were analyzed the materials of the Chinese researchers involved data of Soviet and Russian authors on the subject. The publications on 88-th separate rifle brigade of the red banner far Eastern army of the Soviet Union (88-I training brigade United army of North-Eastern China), which in the Soviet Union was limited because it was included in the category of secret military units, were selected. It was marked the high score in the Chinese historiography the role of the USSR in the victory over fascism. The study works on the foreign policy of the USSR during the Second World War showed that Chinese scientists are not limited to issues concerning the Far East and consider the issues of cooperation of the USSR with the USA, UK and other European countries. It is emphasized that the theme of the Sino-Japanese war and related events is not only relevant, but also very painful for Chinese researchers