Cultural identity in modern Russian society as a research object

Philosophical and cultural studies

At the beginning of the 21st century, studying the problems of identity has drawn a lot of attention, with a lot of discussions and disputes around studying these problems from a historical standpoint. The problem of cultural identity in modern society is considered in the article. The role of identity as a factor of consolidation of society and value of national and cultural communication of ‘identity’ in the context of globalization, national consciousness, territorial identity is analyzed. The identity is a concept reflecting the communication of philosophy with relevant spheres of social theory and practice. The problem of cultural identity always has always been and remains important as it reflects the relationship between the person and the culture, the presence of a cultural originality inherent both to groups, and individuals. Gaining a philosophical understanding of problems of identity is now crucial more than ever, as today self-identification and the attitude towards other cultural features (national, religious, ethnic, age-specific) defines the character of multivector relations in modern reality.