Financial support for preparation of artillerymen in Imperial Russian army before World War I

Historical Science and Archeology

The article is dedicated to financial support for training of artillerymen of the officer school before World War I. Difficulties in ensuring the suitability of the landfill site, purchasing equipment, cash gratification of maintenance personnel were the most complex issues discussed in this article. The training ground as a training field for preparing troops for battle had to be similar to the area in which the troops were most likely to act. The forest cover of the area was important, among other things. For example, the forest cover at the military ranges (except for gardens) was 25.8% in Germany, and 30.4% in Austria. According to experts, at least 35% could be considered to be optimum forest cover for the Luga landfill. In fact, it reached 75% (as of January 3, 1909), so it was necessary to speed up the clearing of the landfill site. The Officer School for Artillerymen asked the Main Artillery Administration to grant about 10,800 rubles for this purpose.