New temporality of digital civilization: the future has already come


The correlation between the speed of development of technologies and, as a result, socio-economic and infrastructural transformations with human life allows us to state a qualitative jump in the speed of development, marking the transition to a new temporal era. This article aims to understand the foundations of transformations of the socio-economic infrastructure and the entire “life world”, thereby denoting the specifics of the “come future” that already exists before our eyes, causing an endless series of changes that raised a number of important questions in all directions. The author concluded that the determining factor of the upcoming changes is precisely what caused that leap and getting into a new reality, namely, the rate of change, through the optics of which we looked at the realities of the current situation. Even if the observed acceleration of development stops, the technological progress and the social changes caused by it will continue with the extremely high (but almost constant) speed.