Strategic communication in the context of “University 4.0” social innovation culture

Education and Culture

The paper is devoted to studying the formation of modern communication technologies in the conditions of the global digital transformation. The methodological principle of work was a sociological analysis. The paper describes the model of the university’s new role, cultural code of social innovations for new-type universities within the knowledge economy. The study considers communication strategies in terms of shifting from “University 1.0” to “University 4.0”. The results of the study show that in the context of the new knowledge economy and the new social order (in the sociological aspect of institutional, systemic and cross-cultural approaches) of all interested actors: industry – education – science – state – society (which corresponds to the University 4.0 model), the university not only generates modern knowledge, but also provides their transfer to the national system of social development, forms a special social, cultural and intellectual environment. This work is an attempt to initiate a closer examination of the mechanisms of innovative processes in the university environment in terms of generating socio-cultural startups, technological and institutional priorities, problems of the regional imbalance of the educational space and forecasting the socio-economic situation in Russia in the context of its competitiveness and prospects for creating infrastructure, points knowledge economy growth.