Linguistic aspects and methodology of analysis of Czech on-line sports reporting (as a hybrid genre)

Digital Communication Across Genres and Communicative Practices

In the sphere of contemporary computer-mediated communication, there are some new, or relatively new genres. This article focuses on one of them – on-line sports reporting (live text commentary, or minute-by-minute match report). It is a hybrid genre moving between the sphere of media sport communication (in professional commentaries) and ordinary, everyday communication (in the chats of fans); between written and spoken communication; between the informative function (providing factual information) and the entertainment one (as typical infotainment); and between the chronologically structured narrative or description and the commentator’s evaluative formulations (“colour commentary”). The methodology used for the analysis of this hybrid genre combines the approach of stylistics, pragmalinguistics, sociolinguistics, (critical) discourse analysis and conversation analysis. As for the data, the article deals with Czech live text commentaries, mainly from football, hockey and tennis matches.