Online feedback about the food: manifestation in speech of modern Russian “consumer canon”

Digital Communication Across Genres and Communicative Practices

This article is devoted to the analysis of reviews about the hotel food, posted on popular Russian travel sites. It considers 150 reviews of various volume and discusses the new speech genre of Internet review as a vivid reflection of the existing system of consumer values in modern Russian society. The purpose of the research is to identify speech forms of representation of the “consumer canon” that is developing in the Russian public consciousness. The analyzed texts give reason to speak about the scenario of hotel catering that has developed in the minds of their authors. Among the most important advantages of food are diversity, high taste qualities and compliance with today's market conditions, the latest ideas about service, and the disadvantage – following the worst traditions of the past, associations with the Soviet experience. The article also considers the reflection of nationally specific culinary preferences in Internet reviews in combination with the globalized ideas of tourists about delicious food. The author indicates that the style of user of Internet reviews is significantly influenced by the advertising discourse. The researcher considers it promising to further study online reviews of nutrition with the involvement of a more diverse empirical material.