Research on the status quo and problems of Confucius Institutes in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States

Education and Culture

In 2005, the first Confucius Institute in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was esta-blished in Tashkent State Oriental Institute, Uzbekistan. By 2020, the Commonwealth of Independent States have been fully covered with 47 Confucius Institutes in total. In the context of the global “Chinese fever”, Confucius Institutes have been established and increased in number in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, playing an active role in spreading the Chinese language and Chinese culture. As a cultural bridge connecting China and the CIS countries, Confucius Institutes objectively promote people-to-people communication and have made a generous contribution to the cooperation. However, Confucius Institutes have also faced serious challenges in their development. This article mainly studies the research of Chinese scholars and their opinions on the establishment and development of Confucius Institutes in Russia and the CIS countries, and aims to provide relatively detailed information and helpful research directions for subsequent studies of Confucius Institutes in the CIS countries.