Optimizing the content of the educational organization's community in order to expand the target audience

Education and Culture

The article is devoted to the analysis of the content of the educational organization “Academy of Talents” on the basis of texts published in the social network “VKontakte”. The factors influencing the quality of communication with clients (students of an educational organization) and the expansion of the target audience of the community are analyzed. On the example of a specific organization of additional education, the principles of drawing up content plans and developing content aimed at a segment of the audience under the age of 17 are considered. The analysis was carried out for two key groups – at the first stage of the analysis, direct competitors of organizations that provide a similar range of educational services were identified, and at the second stage, organizations of a broader profile that also carry out educational activities were selected. As a result of the study, recommendations are proposed for drawing up a content plan based on the data obtained during the analysis of competitors and similar organizations of additional education. The recommendations are based on quantitative and qualitative indicators of the analyzed content and include theses, including the need to increase the share of interactive content, reduce the text accompanying materials for publications, change the tone of publications, support the regularity of community management, and others.