Analytical potential of the LMS Moodle for monitoring the quality of personification

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

Due to the digital transformation of education, there is an active development of blended learning, e-learning courses, electronic educational resources, and educational platforms. This fact leads to the accumulation of big data amount that can hide useful information of users' interactions. Modern educational analytics allow us to detect patterns of student behavior in the data, to build individual educational routes and to use new knowledge to personification of learning and to improve the quality of the educational process using new tools. The article shows which data analysis technologies can be used to design different levels of personification of the digital educational environment. Special attention is paid to the study of the possibilities of the MOODLE distance learning system for the analysis of the accumulated educational data. The article identifies and describes four groups of data analytics tools from LMS MOODLE courses. Using the standard analytical capabilities of MOODLE and other tools, an experimental study was carried out on the example of analytics of a specific distance course with elements of personification.