Implementation of the goals of the communicator in modern communication practices. Review of the book by V.E. Chernyavskaya and E.N. Molodychenko “Speech influence in political, advertising and Internet discourse”. Moscow: LENAND, 2021, 176 p.


The paper analyses the role of persuasive communication and persuasive texts as described from the modern research perspective of various scientific areas – argumentation theory, sociology, philosophy and linguistics. Linguistic persuasion in political, advertising and Internet discourse being an innovative approach has come to occupy a central place in the book by V.E. Chernyavskaya and E.N. Molodychenko. The book under review is a unique publication for modern practical Russian linguistics, which grants the reader an effective range of tools for professional linguistic training. The book summarises and presents key concepts of modern linguistics and the theoretical and practical outcomes of the writers. It also critically discusses modern linguistic approaches and ideas about the crucial role of language in social persuasion.