Socio-historical background for the transformation of the role international youth organizations as actors of humanitarian cooperation at the turn of XX-XXI centuries

Political science and area studies

The article is devoted to one of the little studied in the modern scientific school – the problems of transformation of international organized youth environment in which play a significant role, both in a historical context, and so in today’s world many international youth organization. Defined the main preconditions of the emergence of new international youth organisations, as a specific actors of international humanitarian cooperation in process the transformation of the international environment in a greater degree of which had other ways and forms of development. The author’s description of concepts of “youth actors”, “the subjectivity of the youth actors” and “international organized youth environment”. Practice description of the formation this environment the specific historical conditions, shows increasingly clear signs of the desire of its participants to form and promote their own ideas Socio-historical background of expansion of space international youth interaction with the active involvement of these actors the unlike to previous practice as important elements of the process of forming a new model of humanitarian cooperation, but did not fully meet the needs of the international community. At the turn of XX–XXI century the formation of a new internationally organized youth environment, where is still dominated by youth actors from the European region, fit into the General logic of expansion of foreign cultural policy of the EU and other agencies. This opened up new spaces, including for a wide range of international interaction. Transformation of key youth organizations left-wing, which led to minimizing the role of the Russian participants in the international youth movement. This raises the importance of expanding discussion platform with the aim of developing effective concepts to strengthen their role and participation in the development of the Institute of international youth organizations, which is in fact, necessary resource of humanitarian influence.