Peer review

Publication schedule
  • №4 December 2019
    Submission deadline: 5 October 2019
  • №1 March 2020
    Submission deadline: 5 February 2020
  • №2 June 2020
    Submission deadline: 5 May 2020

The journal is responsible for organizing the review process for all submissions. Review can be carried out by members of the Editorial Board or by invited referees. All papers are reviewed and revised through the E-submission system.

The journal uses single-blind review, i.e., the identities of the reviewers are not revealed to the authors.

Review process and deadlines

Reviewers are typically given 2 weeks to prepare their review; this deadline can be extended at the request of the reviewer.

The reviewer has four options available in making the final recommendation:

  • accept as is
  • accept with minor revisions – the paper is transferred to the editors after revision by the authors
  • revise and resubmit with major corrections – the paper is submitted for review again after revision by the authors
  • reject

The reviewer’s report serves as a recommendation for the editors. The final decision about the publication is made by the Editorial Board.

If the manuscript is returned for revision, the authors are required to either make the edits suggested by the reviewer or provide an explanation why it is not possible. The authors can use the comments section of the article page to communicate with editors and reviewers. The deadline for resubmission may vary depending on the extent of revisions.