Submission contents and structure

Society, Communication & Education  accepts original research articles, review articles and reviews. Submissions should be original previously unpublished works that have not been submitted for publication to any other journal.

Manuscripts are submitted online and you will be guided through the process

Your benefits of publishing with us:

  • Double-blind peer-review aimed at improving the quality of your paper
  • Online publication
  • Accepted papers are published online as DOI-citable
  • Articles are easily discoverable thanks to SEO
  • Convenient citation tracking via e-mail alert

Please note

  • Manuscripts must be written in clear and concise English
  • A Research Article should normally be between 4,000 and 7,000 words when first submitted. Authors should consider the total word count (including  references, tables, footnotes, and appendices, but excluding supplementary material). The final, accepted version of an article may be longer as a result of necessary revisions, but will generally not exceed 8,000 word.

Articles should adhere to the following  IMRAD structure (introduction, methods, results and discussion):

  • introduction explaining the relevance of the research problem;
  • the main body detailing the problem and describing the methods adopted and the results obtained;
  • conclusion summarizing the findings and offering suggestions and implications for further research.

The following data are uploaded separately through the E-Submission system:

  • article title in Russian and English
  • abstract in Russian and English (abstract preparation guidelines)
  • keywords in Russian and English
  • references in Cyrillic and Latin characters  (citation guidelines)