Role of a visual and narrative image in provoking of affect of weight

Political science and area studies

The article analyses the visual and narrative image which is capable to provoke the affect of the crowd. For this purpose the author compares a visual number of the Greek sculptures in L. Rifenshtal’s movie “Olimpia” and Hilter’s speeches. The comparative analysis applies structural method of K. Levi-Stros, which gives the chance to compare mutually exclusive cultural images. Futhermore, the author develops the idea of separation of an image and narration (Lessing “Laokoon”) and draws a conclusion that the visual image (movie “Olimpia”) provides an idea of a new body of the nation, developing it in terms of the Ancient Greek sculpture. In addition, we can see that Hilter’s speeches exclude the aestheticization of sufferings. His speech demonstrates the Voice of the humiliated nation. Therefore, we can see the principle of synchronizm: the plasticity of the Greek sculpture represents the visual experience; the internal protest receives expression in passionate speaking, in the speech.