The Novgorodian Archbishop Feodosiy as the prominent monk of the Iosifo-Volokolamsky monastery

Historical Science and Archeology

The article examines the life’s stages of Novgorodian Archbishop Feodosii (1491–1563) related to the Iosifo-Volokolamsk monastery and the influence of the monastery on his person. Based on analyses of the sources and historiography the author concludes that at an early age Feodosiy taked vows in the Iosifo-Volokolamsk monastery and was the pupil of Joseph Volotsky. It is shown that after leaving the monastery because of the appointment of Hegumen of the Khutyn monastery, and then the Archbishop of Novgorod, Feodosiy did not break his connection with the monastery where he was tonsured. It were described the last 12 years of of Feodosiy’s life, which he spent in the Iosifo-Volokolamsky monastery, after leaving the Novgorodian eparchy.