Olof Palme's political activities in Swedish Social Democratic Youth League in the 1950s

Historical and Biographical Studies

This article is devoted to the outstanding Swedish politician Olof Palme. The main aim of this work is to analyse his activity in the 1950’s on the post of the head of SSDYL (Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, SSU, Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Ungdomsförbund). It should be noted that the time spent in the SSU had a great impact on Palme’s career. Olof Palme acquired not only broad knowledge of the youth movement, but also established contacts with a large number of his followers. Many young people from the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League became in consequence, politicians: Bengt Göransson, later Minister of Culture, Ulf Larsson, future Palme’s state secretary, Rune Molin, minister without portfolio, and Britt Säfvelin, secretary of the trade union organization (LO – Landsorganisationen). The article also examines the position of Olof Palme on two important issues: the republic and the nuclear weapon.