“Philosophy of the mind” and “philosophy of the heart”

Philosophical and cultural studies

It is time to abandon the illusory hope for the unconditional primacy of rational consciousness over all other forms of pre-rational and non-rational perception of reality, to abandon rationalistic “pride” and estranged conception of history and Eurocentrism in order to approach other cultures where rationality would be the dominant form of relationship with the outer world. Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, the humanity faces the monumental challenge of creating a holistic worldview based on both rational and scientific and irrational (including figurative) perception of reality and of developing a cohesive worldview, where “the world”, “the space”, “the man” would be perceived as a living organic integrity. The rational and illogical perception of the harmoniously developed people is known to be in equilibrium; by the same principle, in human cognition in general, these two sources of knowledge should go hand in hand and complement each other.