Phenomenon of things in media reality


The relevance of this work is related to the fact that modern mass media technologies are able to change, on an unconscious level, the sensually perceived properties of things, together with the changing patterns of perception, forming the “new objectivity” of the world. The problem is that the peculiarity of media reality is wrongfully often reduced only to the technologies of manipulation of consciousness, to the “simulation of things”. However, due to the improvement of media technologies, a new perceived objective world, expanding the cognitive and practical capabilities of a person, is also being constructed. The purpose of this study is to clarify the specifics of media reality. Objective: to implement this goal on the material of different approaches to understanding the phenomenon of things in modern media reality: in the social theory and philosophy of media, in research on convergent technologies, in aesthetics, in the philosophy of science. It uses interdisciplinary and structural-functional analysis, analogy. In conclusion, the author defines media reality, based on the fact that things in it implicitly express the organization of the anthropometric material world. It is argued that the study of the “involvement” of a person in media culture should be accompanied by a philosophical and aesthetic development of the ontological foundations of the technologies that correct it. This is explained by the fact that the understanding of the measurement of reality, transformed by the mass media, requires taking into account changes, first of all, sensually perceived, visual, symbolic, depending on the applied technologies.