Personality as object of study in information society


The problem of the specificity of a new type of personality in the digital culture of modern society is relevant in social philosophy, primarily in connection with the transformation of consciousness in the network of information and communication conditions of everyday life and mass communications. The objectives of this article are determined by the analysis of the features of personality development in modern social conditions. For this purpose, the author undertakes a comparative analysis of the concepts of personality in philosophy and interdisciplinary field. In this case, the phenomenological approach in combination with the information paradigm of modern science is the methodological installation of the analysis of the specificity of identification of a person in digital reality. In addition, the author highlights the principles of the information model of self-determination of the individual, considered the concepts of personalism in philosophy. Having concluded that information models of identification of the person depart from the principles of humanism, the author emphasizes the existing narrowness of understanding of the person only as part of the information sphere of the digital technological environment, completely exhausting his personal qualities with a set of interactive and communicative functions.