The game in the modern world: a socio-philosophical analysis


The article deals with such a socio-philosophical phenomenon as a game, which has now become widespread due to the introduction into everyday practice of people. This is directly related to the introduction of information and communication technologies in all spheres of human activity. The paper presents a theoretical analysis of the concept of “game” in terms of its functions, mechanism and manifestations, devoted to the identification of various aspects of the interpretation of the concept in modern Russian and foreign studies. The system approach and socio-philosophical analysis allowed the authors to study the role of the game in modern society, given the dominance in the social field of information and communication technologies, to consider the formation of a new type of identity of the individual, revealed in the game reality, as well as to compare such trends as “serious games” and gamification which make up the dialectical unity. Their opposite is manifested in the position regarding non-play activity which should receive motivational and emotional reinforcement through the game. The study revealed the multidimensionality of the game in the modern world.