Target corpus of publications of world intellectual property organization: formation and use for research of branding terminology

Applied Linguistics

The article proposes a technology for constructing and defines the directions of using the corpus based on publications of the World Intellectual Property Organization. The corpus is created for the purpose of inventory and research of branding terminology. The methods of corpus linguistics related to pragmatics and technology of construction and processing of unmarked corpora were used in the study. The approaches to the selection of the language material underlying the target corpus and its structure are described, and then the features of using the corpus for the purposes of the study of branding terminology are shown. The target corpus consists of two subcorpora, which are based on term-fixing and term-rich special English-language texts connected by certain parameters. The subcorpus of official documents containing terminology is important for creating a dictionary of highly specialized terms with definitions of branding concepts that allow determining the volume of concepts nominated by terms and reflecting the connections that exist between them. The purpose of the subcorpus, which includes the texts of publications of the WIPO Magazine, is to compile a frequency dictionary and identify the frequency of terms recorded in the subcorpus, followed by context analysis based on the use of concordances. The directions of using the corpus consist in extracting meta-textual information and contexts of the use of certain linguistic elements and constructions, which makes it possible to identify the frequency and component composition of terms and trace the representation of different types and volumes of knowledge by the term in official and scientific-publicistic specialized discourses.