The people-militia against the “master race” in the Great Patriotic War

Historical Science and Archeology

This article deals with a confrontation of traditional Russian method of historical existence, and the political practice of “superman”, which is based on the idea of racial superiority. The aim is to study the human type, who won the Great Patriotic War. Showing some of the sources of its formation. A key role in the victory played a moral factors, above all, honor and dignity of the people-winner. As research methods are the method of system analysis, the principle of the unity of the historical and logical method of cultural and historical comparison. Our people as a result of a long historical development has got quality people-volunteer. This concept is an essential characteristic of the domestic ways of civilized existence. The concept of “people-militia” characterizes the historical dignity of our homeland. This advantage is manifested both on the national and on a personal level in the fate of specific defenders of the homeland, among them a prominent role played by polytechnics. Confronting people’s militias “master race” is seen in the aspect of spiritual warfare. It is the “spirit of the army”, according to the just judgment of Leo Tolstoy, determines the outcome of the armed struggle. I was no exception and the soviet era. The result of this study is to identify the role of the historic dignity of our people in the formation of the “spirit of the troops,” which has become one of the essential foundations of the Great Victory.