“The geography of hunger” on the world map

Philosophical aspects of social management and Area

The article deals with the problem of world hunger. We consider the interactive map of hunger, which based on FAO data Methods: The Research is conducted on the basis of an integrated approach which can give a detailed description of the regions of the world with food shortage and explore the hunger map. Conclusions: The article presents a detailed description of regions of the world with food shortage. We consider the definition of a global index of success in the fight against hunger. We analyze the maps compiled by FAO experts. We note the successful work of the United Nations in countries with a high level of hunger. We present a detailed description of regions of the world on the political map of overeating. Application: The materials of this article may be used in the educational process. The article may be useful for developing training courses on activities of international organizations in solving global problems, to serve as a basis for the further development of scientific research on a wide range of problems of political science.