Urbanization as a process of influencing advertising

Philosophical aspects of social management and Area

Article is devoted to an urgent problem of determination of advertizing by such sociocultural process as an urbanization. The complex of factors which promoted advertizing development, emergence of different forms and types of this phenomenon is considered. Methods: The research is conducted by method of the philosophical and culturological analysis allowing to reveal the mechanism of impact of process of an urbanization on advertizing development, and also increase of its role in culture. Advertizing creates symbolical space for sociocultural educations, begins to participate in formation of valuable orientations of society. Conclusions: In article the moments of development of the city, an advertizing response to these moments are traced. Difficult interlacings the cities, persons and advertizing are in details shown round. Examples of how the city has own specifics are given, changes the person getting to the urban environment. It is shown a role in this process of advertizing. Process division of the square of the cities into the certain zones differing in accommodation conditions is presented. It is considered as the place of residence, the real estate is got by additional symbolical characteristics that is formed by advertizing. The interrelation of quality of advertizing in various districts of the city and the requirement of prestige is analysed, and also that how this moment promotes its development. It is studied how emergence of a problem of availability in the city led to mass emergence of the car. It is shown how the car, being the vehicle, also receives the symbolical characteristics underlining the status of the owner. Besides, transport becomes the advertizing carrier that became possible in large quantities in the city. Application: Materials of article can be used when training students in discipline “advertizing stories”, “sociology of mass communications”.