Foreign policy conception of People's Republic of China

International relationships

Relevance of a research is caused by the increased attention to modern foreign policy of People’s Republic of China. The article analyzes the conception of foreign policy of China. Both methods of theoretical and empirical level are used. By means of the comparative method was possible to establish similarities and differences in the main directions of foreign policy of the People’s Republic of China from the middle of the 20th century on today. The aspect analysis was allowed to consider a problem of the foreign policy relations of China from a position of the researchers studying this problem. It is revealed that, the fundamentals of official strategy of China’s foreign policy are made by the following conceptual ideas: the five principles of peaceful coexistence, the theory of “peace and development” Deng Xiaoping theory “harmonious world” concept “Chinese dream” Xi Jinping. Materials of the article can be used for the comparative analysis of foreign policy of People's Republic of China in international unions.