The relationship of great Britain and France in the context of European integration (1951-1992) was: historiographic aspect.

International relationships

The article is devoted to the study and analysis of the historiography on the problem of cooperation the UK and France in the context of Western European integration in 1951–1992. The Main methods used in the study of problems in the relations between Great Britain and France in the European integration (1951–1992). There are the methods of empirical research, typological and historical-of a system which allowed to track the development of relations between the two countries, in the framework of the European communities, and a reflection of this process in Russian and foreign historiography. In the article an overview of the numerous works of researchers of the foreign policy problems of Great Britain, France, and also Western European integration. Historiographical base is divided into three blocks: the first one works directly devoted to Franco-British relations; the second, studies concerning the foreign policy of Britain and France in the period 1951–1992; third General work is devoted to integration processes in Europe. The article is valuable for drawing up teaching aids for the course of the Modern history of Western Europe and North America.