The initial phase of activities Leningradskogo branch of all-union society for cultural relations with foreign countries (VOKS LO) in 1954 - 1955.

Aspects of Russian society history

On the basis of the Russian archives documents deals with the creation and functioning in the Leningrad regional department VOKS (LO VOCs). Described in detail the events of the external and internal policy of the USSR, which was the reason of creation in Leningrad branch of VOCs. We present the procedure for the approval of the state, the provision of premises and implementation of the financing. Structural subordination of the organization and the order of interaction with the leaders of VOCs in Moscow and Leningrad in the party leadership. The detailed review of the main activities and results of the work carried out during the period of existence. What is the impact on the activity LO VOCs provided political decisions taken by the party leadership. The article deals with the problems that arose in the course of operation of the Leningrad VOCs, and how they were solved. The author attempts to analyze how the activity LO VOCs affected in the future to work with foreigners in Leningrad.