National cultures and problems of national identity in the epoch of globalism

Problems of XXI century

At the beginning of the 21st century, issues related to the study of identity problems attract attention, with a lot of discussions and debates centered around these issues. The article examines the problems of identity as an opportunity to preserve and develop cultural diversity in the context of globalization processes in the modern society. We have analyzed the role of identity as a factor in the consolidation of the society and the importance of the national and cultural connection of the identity in the context of globalization, national consciousness, territorial identity. National identification is a complex mechanism for forming consciousness, constructing certain contents in the process of self-awareness of their collective cultural affiliation. National identity is formed on the borders of multiple cultural worlds. The result of their interaction can be a complex overlapping model of the world, in which the cultural sets “I”, “We”, “They”, “Others” intersect. Philosophical comprehension of identity problems is more urgent than ever, because today self-identification and attitude to other cultural features (national, religious, ethnic, age) determines the nature of multi-vector relations in modern reality.