G.F. Miller’s role in Russian sinology

Historical Science and Archeology

This paper is about academic Gerhard Fridrih Millers donation to formation of Russian sinology, particulary, about his role in Illarion K. Rossohins translation of Chinese books. Despite there are a lot of works about history of Russian sinology tell us, that Miller was supervised Rossohins work, there is no information about Rossohin translation works reason. As a result, it was established, that Miller used Chinese texts, translated by I.K. Rossohin as a material for his fundamental work “The History of Siberia”. It is absolutely obviusly, that information, contained in Rossohins translations, helped Miller to write another his scientific works. Niller wrote a lot of works, dedicated to history of Russian-Chinese relations. Despite Miller could not Chinese language, his work made a large influence to Russian sinology improvement, and stimulated translation into Russian language and research of Chinese text heritage.