Russian disagreements about A.S. Popov’s priority in the radio invention

Education and Culture

International discussions about a priority in the radio invention have a longtime history. They are coming from the commercial interests and national preferences of the countries that take part in these discussions. The paradox is that during the last 100 years the disagreement in Russia about A.S. Popov’s role in the radio invention have been flaring up and down though it is proved that he invented the scheme of wireless telegraph before Marconi. The conclusion about the leading role of subjective factors (such as internal motivation, interpersonal contacts and intergroup interaction of discussions’ participants) is drawn. Stories of disagreements are dated back to the beginning of the 1900s; 5 periods have been identified: domestic discussions, monologue of the power, hidden conflicts, open conflicts, domestic disputes. Сause-and-effect connections between different periods were found as a result of the analysis of stories of every period.