Improving the quality of training specialists using psychodynamic characteristics

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

Problem and purpose: The article reveals the actual problem of determining indicators and criteria objectively characterizing the quality of training specialists in the management of the learning process, which can be used as the basis for its correction. The goal was to define psychodynamic characteristics for improving the quality of training a specialist (student, cadet). The basic idea of using such characteristics is based on an individual approach to mass training and consists in the correction of these characteristics in the learning process. Methodology. Assessment of the quality of the educational process was carried out on the basis of a generalized structural and functional scheme for the implementation of control functions and correction of psychodynamic characteristics. Principles of collective training for improving the quality of training specialists (students, cadets) and the process of forming groups under the considered psychodynamic characteristics are considered. To solve the main problems, the elements of the apparatus of a relatively new field of the theory of possibilities, the methods of the theory of the evaluation of the quality of training of systems with signs of artificial intelligence, adaptation theory, which, based on the synergetic approach, allow abstracting the learning process, reducing it to the learning process of the machine. Results. The results of the research can be used to optimize the individual-differentiated approach in the course of the educational process, taking into account the learning conditions in the educational organization.