Historical responsibility as a subject of social and philosophical reflection


The purpose of the article is to analyze philosophical approaches to the concept of “historical responsibility”, designed to formulate the social and philosophical content of this category and to make possible a comparative analysis of the forms of actualization of historical responsibility in the modern social space. The author identifies curative, religious and critical approaches to historical responsibility, identifies their essential characteristics and analyzes shortcomings in terms of use in the analysis of social and political reality. The methodology of the study is a synthesis of praxiological and network approaches. The praxiological approach makes it possible to move from treating an act as an act of establishing responsibility to examining sociocultural contexts that influence the formation of practices of responsibility. The network approach refers to the interdependence of historical responsibility practices and mechanisms for their formation in a pluralistic social order. For social and philosophical understanding of historical responsibility, it is necessary to make a transition from the principles of individualism and substance to the principles of collectivism and constructivism. Such a transition makes it possible to present historical responsibility not as a rational establishment of a particular politician or an ontological basis of human behavior, but as a social phenomenon. On the one hand, it is the result of established social practices in the community, and on the other - itself acquires forms of practice, setting a new format of symbolic actions and their discursive justification. The author 's contribution is the conceptualization of methodological synthesis of praxiological and network approaches, allowing to consider historical responsibility not in ethical or anthropological, but in social context. Historical responsibility, with this approach, acts as a mechanism for communities to compete for the redistribution of symbolic capital.