Denglish as the result of Anglo-Americanization process of the German language: Translation aspect (based on the translations of English-language texts)

Applied Linguistics

Due to the belated paradigm shift in linguistics science there are only few well-researched papers about language contacts. Up to this day, many studies focused mainly on loanwords. The paper aims to reveal the nature of the process of denglishisation as the result of a massive spontaneous borrowing of Anglo-Americanisms that began at the turn of the 20th century. In the article the unique features of phenomena in the modern German phonetics, lexical and grammar systems influenced by the English language are highlighted and described, the types of assimilation of loanwords are examined, the notions of denglish and denglish inclusions are considered. The scientific originality lies in the fact that the notion of denglish inclusion is introduced for the first time in order to categorize new linguistic phenomena in the German language more accurately. Denglish inclusion is defined as a newly borrowed Anglo-American vocabulary and syntactic models with nonlinear, inconsistent assimilation in the German language.