Blogging as a tool for media literacy development


The article is devoted to the study of blogging as a social phenomenon of the digital reality in the context of media literacy development. Broad understanding of media literacy as the basis for a new lifestyle in the media-saturated environment requires actualization of basic conceptual statements of media literacy with reference to blogging, including the statement about commercialization of media. The author investigates commercial implications of blogging and makes the conclusion that blog consumers make one of the main target audiences of media education while 42% of population in Russia get all the necessary information from social media and blogs. It is necessary to develop media literacy of blog-audiences in terms of critical consumption of media information, awareness of cognitive biases and distortions as well as understanding of commercial implications and instruments of blogging. The author emphasizes the necessity for media education events of different formats aimed at blog audiences; makes the analysis and gives examples of best practices in the formal and informal educational settings including integration of media literacy modules in the curricula of degree programmes, continuing education courses, training events. The analysis of topical content in a range of media education events with the focus on the commercialization of modern media demonstrates the need for a much broader representation of certain media literacy basic statements including the one of commercialization.