Comprehending the meaning of the text: notes on the margins of the book “The Fiction Text: Formulas of Meaning”


This article focuses on the collective monograph "The Fiction Text: Formulas of Meaning" by Goncharova, Ilyinova, Karasik, Kononova and others, published in 2022 and devoted to the search of scientifically grounded formula of meaning of the fiction text. The key category of a fiction text and, at the same time, the connecting axis of this monograph is the category of the author, who is invisibly present in the text and has primary influence on the formation of its meaning and, therefore, on the derivation of the formula of the text meaning. The presence of the author becomes visible in the "creative attractors" which form the discursive heterogeneity of the text as its special quality, when the author uses the strategies of focusing and defocusing, transforms the concepts in the frame of the text and creates individual-author conceptual constants within it. The author and their text are immersed in real and fictional time, but time can also act as one of the concepts, having metaphorical representation in the fiction text, as the authors of the monograph show on the example of the analysis of German and English literature works. The final and at the same time summarizing chord of the monograph is an appeal to the symbolic fabric of a fiction text, in which the author shows the dynamics of meaning and its perception from symbol to symbol. A fiction text implies a multitude of possible readings, each of which only multiplies the information it contains, so the approach to comprehending the meaning of a fiction text should be multidimensional. The authors of the monograph managed to achieve such multidimensionality, it is fully realized both in the structure and in the contents of the monograph.