Translation and Intertextuality: a review on Galina Denissova's book “Linguistic Conflictology and Translation in a Multicultural World”. Moscow: BOS Publishing House, 2023. ISBN 978-5-905117-74-9


Translation is reading and interpretation of individual and collective semiotic experience from one linguistic culture to another. Translation is an part of intercultural communication and thus one of the sources of preserving cultural and linguistic diversity. Galina Denissova's book is an excellent guide to many issues of professional translation activities in the “culture – language – communication – identity – translation” perspective. A significant dimension of the book is its focus on the speech behavior of communicants in a foreign language environment, showing cultural shifts and the formation of bilinguial identity and bilingual consciousness, which is investigated based on the different waves of Russian emigration in Italy and on comparative analysis of Russian and Italian languages. The translation of intertextual signs is discussed in the connection with the methods and tools traditional for translation practice. The book presents a detailed picture of the ways of conveying intertextual inclusions in the translation of fiction, including citation, allusions, para- and metatextual allusions, the use of epigraphs and titles as markers of intertextuality, as well as ways of translating film text and intertextual connections in the translated film texts. The book introduces significant aspects of translation activities that focus the value of harmonizing human communication at the global, interethnic and interpersonal level.