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  • №2 June 2022
  • №3 September 2022
  • №4 December 2022
Alekseev Aleksandr Petrovich
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    Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Degree
    Doctor of Philosophy
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
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Specialist in the field of theory of knowledge, theory of argumentation, metaphilosophy. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University (1979), post-graduate studies of the Department of Philosophy of the Humanities of Moscow State University. Since 1983, he has been working at the same department: acc., Senior lecturer, associate professor, professor, since 1997-Head of the department. PhD thesis - "Cause and conditions" (1984). Doctoral dissertation - "Argumentation as an object of philosophical research" (1995).

Research interests

  • theory and methodology of argumentation
  • methods of analysis of a philosophical work
  • humanities technologies in teaching philosophy

The works of A.P. Alekseev substantiate the importance of the general philosophical approach in creating a holistic concept of argumentation. Methods of identification and analysis of argumentative structures used in communication processes, evaluation of their logical, pragmatic, ethical, and emotional aspects are developed. The author examines the phenomenon of a philosophical work in comparison with a work of fiction. The analysis of philosophical works takes into account both logical constructions and systems of images, visual and expressive means of the philosophical language.