Mimesis and recursion: the problem of social communication in the epistemological aspect

Philosophical and cultural studies

Recursion is a property of mimesis, through which the system procedure produces a variety of numerous copies (of similarity). While still poorly understood, it is an important factor in evolutionary and ontological possibilities of effective self-regulation, self-awareness, intersubjectivity, social communication in General, including mass communication. Specifies the causes of mimesis, the varieties depending on what underlies it: the imitation of the model; object; another entity, likening the system of signs, screen, technology, mediating and replacing of object and subject. It is emphasized that recursion is a property, through to all types of mimesis that has communicative function. New is the specificity of recursion involving data from neurophysiology, anthropology, sociology, semiotics seen through the lens of epistemology. In this regard, the use of methods of comparative analysis, analogy, generalization, combine the methodology of interdisciplinary analysis. consideration of the mechanism of mimesis, the properties of the recursion has at least three practical applications: 1) to identify a broader horizon of cognitive possibilities and adaptation; 2) to optimize children’s learning and socialization as a whole; 3) to enhance effectiveness in the control of the mass consciousness.