Reports on the state of Tobolsk diocese 1856–1915 as historical source

Aspects of Russian society history

One of the most important documents of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Synodal period of its history was the Bishop’s reports to the Governing Holy Synod on the state of the dioceses, reflecting the main aspects of the Russian Orthodox Church in dioceses. The purpose of this article is to examine the content and presentation of reports on the state Tobolsk eparchy. The study was conducted at the intersection documental, historical, source study and historical and legal areas of study. Presents an analysis of the legislation on the status reports of the parishes, deaneries and dioceses, the results of the comparative analysis report of the Tobolsk diocese with similar documents in Tomsk, Tula, Ufa, Tver, Tambov dioceses. Special attention is paid to reflection in the diocesan records of the state office-work in the churches.