Application of distance learning technologies to expand opportunities for educational activities in a university faculty

Problems of higher school

The article describes the experience of using remote technologies in the educational environment of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The goal of the article is the analysis of the problems associated with the use of online learning courses and the systematization of functions to manage the learning process, facing the administration of the Institute (faculty). Three levels are defined in the management system of online courses: developer teacher, administrator of curricula and initiator of online learning courses at the university. The problems of organization and administration of online courses at the middle level of management are considered. Motivations for the development of distance education in the institute are defined, concerning not only teachers and students, but also the institution as a whole. Online learning courses are expanding the capabilities of the institute on the use of distance learning education, training graduate and undergraduate students. The tasks of the institute on the use and development of distance technologies are considered. The use of online learning technology is associated with the educational programs of the Institute. Three stages of introduction of online technologies are described: the stage of teacher training, the stage of development of courses within the university and the stage of development of open online courses. The model of mixed or hybrid learning is one of the features of applications of distance learning technologies. The issue of selection of online courses for inclusion on platforms of open education is considered.