Information and communication technologies and the incident method in teaching English for students majoring in management

Professional education

The article is dedicated to the current virtualization issues in higher education. The requirements of educational administrative documents on e-learning, the use of computers and information and communication technologies are considered. Problems that teachers and students may face when using computers in language teaching and learning are described. The great importance of professional and student-centered content for students’ personal integrity is theoretically justified. The advantages of tasks based on authentic Internet resources and those included in the author’s professionally oriented textbook for students majoring in management are given. The ‘incident’ method is described and the key difficulties of its implementation are highlighted. An example of an ‘incident’-based task is given. Based on statistical data and the results of observations, it is concluded that it is effective to introduce the developed materials and use the ‘incident’ method when working with students majoring in management. The information provided in the article is of theoretical and practical value for foreign language teachers.