The theory of “three worlds” in the context of Сhina’s modern foreign policy concept

International relationships

The study considers the process of formation of the modern foreign policy concept of People’s Republic of China, and presents an analysis of its practical realization. This work examines the processes of transformations and changes in the foreign policy concept of China, shows how Beijing’s current ideas about international relations and China’s role in it evolved. We have taken into account the fact that the Chinese concept is largely based on traditional Chinese ideas about the world order. The theory of “three worlds” was formed by the Chairman of China Mao Zedong in the 1970s; having gone through some changes, this theory continues to meet the modern challenges and threats. This theory formalized and completed the transition to an independent foreign policy and a gradual departure from the rhetoric of block confrontation. The main prerequisites for the formation of the modern national foreign policy concept of China are shown, and the features of this concept are considered. A separate focus is on analysis of the changes that occurred during the disintegration of the bipolar system of international relations. We have analyzed China’s foreign policy and shown examples of practical implementation of the foreign policy concept of “three worlds” in practice, international relations are examined from the perspective of the Chinese foreign policy concept. .